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USPEX documentation

USPEX 10.4

uspex_manual_10.4.pdf - here you can download manual of USPEX 10.4 in the pdf-format.

USPEX 10.2

Web-Based - here you can see online-manual.

Web-Based - here you can see chinese version of online-manual.

USPEX.pdf - here you can download manual in the pdf-format.

USPEX 10.1 (pre-release)

USPEX.pdf - here you can download manual in the pdf-format.

USPEX v.9.4.4

USPEX.pdf - here you can download manual of USPEX v.9.4.4 in the pdf-format.

USPEX_chinese.pdf - here you can download the Chinese version of the manual in the pdf-format.

USPEX-ATK Tutorial

USPEX-ATK.tutorial.pdf - here is a brief tutorial of USPEX interfaced with ATK.

Workshop 2020 presentations

  • Artem R. Oganov (Skoltech, Russia) “Computational Materials Discovery Using USPEX code” (Slides)
  • Xavier Gonze (UC Louvain, Belgium; Skoltech, Russia) “First-principles study of phosphors for white-LED applications” (Slides)
  • Alexander G. Kvashnin (Skoltech, Russia) “Search for materials with optimal properties” (Slides)
  • Zahed Allahyari (Skoltech, Russia) “Multiobjective optimization and coevolutionary search” (Slides)
  • Ivan Kruglov (MIPT, Russia) “T-USPEX method for crystal structure prediction at finite temperatures” (Slides)
  • Vladimir Anisimov (IMP, Yekaterinburg, Russia) “Density Functional and Dynamical Mean-Field Theory (DFT+DMFT) method and its application to real materials” (Slides)
  • Dmitry Novoselov (IMP, Yekaterinburg, Russia) “Electrides in pursuit of correlations” (Slides)
  • Vladislav Blatov (STMC Samara, Russia) “Topological model of solid-state transformations and generating new crystal structures” (Slides)
  • Vladimir Baturin (Skoltech, Russia) “Predicting structures of nanoparticles using USPEX examples and applications” (Slides)
  • Alexander Shapeev (Skoltech, Russia) “Machine-Learning Interatomic Potentials for High-Throughput Materials Design” (Slides)
  • Qiang Zhu (UNLV, USA) “Structure prediction with improved structure generation” (Slides)
  • Sergey Levchenko (Skoltech, Russia) “Computational design of materials for heterogeneous catalysis” (Slides)
  • Albert Nasibulin (Skoltech, Russia) “Carbon Nanotubes from synthesis to applications” (Slides)
  • Gilles Frapper (Université Poitiers, France) “Prediction of polynitrogen species in salts” (Slides)
  • Dmitry Semenok (Skoltech, Russia) “Recent advances ​in high-temperature superconductivity in ternary hydrides” (Slides)

USPEX-Mini Workshop

Manual.pdf - here is manual of USPEX mini-workshop in Xi’an, China by Qingfeng Zeng and Dong Dong.



USPEX videotutorial in Russian


USPEX videotutorial in English


USPEX videotutorial in English


USPEX videotutorial in Russian


USPEX videotutorial in Chinese