USPEX documentation

In this page you can see manuals, tutorials and documentation of USPEX:

USPEX Online Manual

Web-Based - here you can see updated online-manual.

USPEX Manual in PDF Format

USPEX.pdf - here you can download the updated manual in the pdf-format.

USPEX Manual in Chinese in PDF Format

USPEX_chinese.pdf - here you can download the Chinese version of the manual in the pdf-format.

USPEX-ATK Tutorial

USPEX-ATK.tutorial.pdf - here is a brief tutorial of USPEX interfaced with ATK.

Workshop's presentation files

  • A.R.Oganov "Crystal structure prediction and the USPEX code" (Slides)
  • Q. Zhu "Prediction of the structure of molecular crystals" (Slides)
  • Q. Zhu "Variable-composition evolutionary structure prediction" (Slides)
  • A.R. Oganov "Optimization of physical properties" (Slides)
  • Q.F. Zeng "Computational discovery of novel dielectric materials" (Slides)
  • Q. Zhu "Predicting low dimensional systems" (Slides)
  • A.R. Oganov "Evolutionary metadynamics" (Slides)
  • G.R. Qian "Methods for predicting phase transition mechanisms: VCNEB and TPS Method" (Slides)

USPEX-Mini Workshop

Manual.pdf - here is manual of USPEX mini-workshop in Xi’an, China by Qingfeng Zeng and Dong Dong.