professor Artem R. Oganov

Skoltech, MIPT, NPU

Address: Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology,
Skolkovo Innovation Center
Moscow 121205, Russia.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Popular Science

My passion for science began at the age of 4 with a popular science book given to me by my mother. Popular science is something I always loved.

Small selection of short popular science articles

When I have free time, I write short popular science articles - here is a small selection of these:


I like giving lectures - and each year I give a few popular science lectures, mostly in the US, Europe and Russia.

I gave such lectures to various audiences, from children to lay people and even politicians - but I especially enjoy to tell children about science -  and watch their eyes burn with curiosity! Here is a small selection of these:

Popular Science club

In 2011 with my friends Viktor Enin and Aleksey Payevskiy I started the popular science club "Science.Delicious" in a cosy teahouse in the very heart of Moscow. We invite the best scientist and the most exciting lecturers in science and humanities and arts.

I also gave there lecture "What is inside the Earth?" and "How to discover new materials?"

Science radio programs

I've been a guest of numerous science radio programs in Germany, Switzerland and Russia. For example: click here.

Short videolectures

For a few years now I've been recording and collecting short videolectures on research of my laboratory. Enjoy:

Covered by the press

Also, my works are often covered by the press (from professional scientific magazine to newspapers and even airline flight magazines!). I do hope that this will light the eyes of children and make them study science. Here is a small selection of such press:

New Scientist
Nature and Science
Leading Russian
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